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At Blueaire, our services can be described as follows:-

A) Installation
In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we always provide with experienced Technician and quality materials for all our air conditioner installation works. We believe in quality and reliability to provide professional work for our customers.

B) Maintenance Service
Regular maintenance of air conditioner is essential to keep the equipment operates at tip top condition. The benefits of having the air conditioner to be services and maintained at regular intervals are as follows:-

» Healthier and cleaner air
» The air conditioner will cool better and therefore reduced
   electricity consumption.
» Prolong durability of air conditioner
» Prevent water dripping and condensation problems
» Early detection of any abnormal function to prevent
   major repairs

Our maintenance services are divided into 3 different types, namely, Basic Servicing, Standard Servicing and Superior Servicing. Selection of servicing type is very much depending on usage patterns and environment factors.

C) Checking and Troubleshooting of Faulty Unit
This service provides professional troubleshooting to air conditioner when there is a breakdown or faulty of the system. Our trained Technicians will evaluate the problem and propose solution to customer and the cost of repair.

No Description Basic Standard Superior
1 Inspect and clean fan coil and filter with water and detergent, if necessary.
2 Check conditions and accessories of fan coil.    
3 Clean / brush evaporator fin if necessary.    
4 Clean fan coil drain pan and flush drain pipe.      
5 Visual check for refrigerant leaks in the system.      
6 Check and clean electrical contracts and tighten all screws.      
7 Checking of refrigerant gas pressure, ampere and voltage reading when necessary.      
8 Check and clean comb all dented fins of coils.      
9 Check all anti-vibration isolators for deterioration.      
10 Check condenser condition, especially for signs of corrosion and abnormal noise during operation.      
11 Top up of refrigerant gas when necessary.    
12 Chemical wash of outdoor unit.      
13 Chemical wash of fan coil unit      
14 Chemical cleaning of evaporate coil.      
15 Chemical flushing of drainage system.